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With Katie Lee

How to Break Free From Busy 

The first steps to breaking the cycle of busy + overwhelmed.

(without losing your hustle)

The next class will be early 2017.



Katie Lee - Author & Lifestyle Designer

Katie has spent years experimenting with breaking the vicious cycle of busyness. She included much of her research in her book The Effortless Everyday, but this FREE class covers the last missing pieces.

You will:

- Discover the many forms of busy and how to deal with the ones that impact you the most.

-Learn why "saying no" isn't the solution and what you can be doing instead.

-See how to get to a point where you feel like you're ahead versus always playing catch-up

-Find out how to get your free “Get Ahead Guide.”

-Ask your own questions during the live Q&A.

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How to Break Free From Busy

Without Losing Your Hustle.