Understand Your Busy

Learn the 8 forms of busyness so you can strategically address each one. 

Thursday, April 20th

3 PM EDT / 2 PM CDT / 1 PM MDT / 12 PM PDT

This live class starts in...


Busy is so much more than having too much to do and not enough time to do it.

In this live class you will...


the many forms of busy and how to deal with the ones that impact you the most.


how to break the cycle of busy + reduce your overwhelm immediately.


your free 8 Forms of Busy Printable.

Get Answers

to your questions during the live Q&A.

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Katie Lee

Author and Daily Life Designer

I've spent years experimenting with breaking the vicious cycle of busyness. Much of my research is included in my book, The Effortless Everyday, but this FREE class covers the missing pieces.